R e i k i ,   p u r e   a n d   s i m p l e

The Process of Becoming a Reiki Master

... a great leap for your personal growth and
... the ability to help others to help themselves

Becoming a Reiki Master allows you to teach Reiki to other people and attune them to this wonderful energy. In The Reiki Network, we believe that Reiki has such a significant potential to help people, in their lives, that we want Reiki Masters to be as effective as possible at passing on this gift. Furthermore, training to become a Reiki Master offers an opportunity for a profound personal growth in the trainee. For these reasons, The Reiki Network places an emphasis on the training of new Reiki Masters. If you feel you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master, read on ...

Find the decision

If you are new to Reiki, you should learn the first two levels, preferably with a gap of at least 4 to 6 months between them, and gain as much experience as possible in using Reiki on yourself and others. Only then will you be ready to make a decision about becoming a Reiki Master.
For more information, see     link The Levels of Reiki
In The Reiki Network, anyone interested in becoming a Reiki Master is interviewed, to ensure that they have taken the decision with due consideration.
The Third Level (Master Level) is only taught by the most experienced Reiki Masters in The Reiki Network, known as Reiki Master Teachers. Due to the depth and intensity of the process of becoming a Reiki Master, it is essential that you find a Reiki Master Teacher with whom you have a good rapport.
You will find contact details for Reiki Master Teachers amongst the
  link Members of The Reiki Network
If your Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training was with a Reiki Master who is not in The Reiki Network, it is required that you participate on seminars given by a Reiki Network member. This is to ensure that your understanding of these levels of Reiki is compatible with what is taught by the Network.
The Reiki Network divides the Third Level into three stages, which are called
Reiki 3A, Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher.

How long it takes and what it cost

To undertake Reiki Master training requires a significant commitment of time, money and effort. So, you should feel sure that you are ready, before embarking on this journey.
The training period lasts for at least one year, longer if necessary. Apart from the practical aspect of learning to teach Reiki, the time allows for dramatic changes to occur in your energy and awareness. This helps to ensure that you will be ready to give effective, permanent initiations in seminars immediately after graduating.
The minimum cost is based on the value of US$10,000 in the year 2000, increasing with the local cost of living since then. (The fee for Reiki 3A is usually included in this amount.)
For the current price of training in your country, see
  link Prices of Reiki Network Seminars and Training
Included is the fee for Membership within The Reiki Network for a duration of two years from starting the training, which means to have access to the international and regional meetings, to the secured Member Area with comprehensive material about all aspects of teaching and being Reiki Master.
At the beginning of the Reiki Master training, you will receive a Reiki Network Manual, which includes comprehensive information about teaching Reiki.
As a student, you will be required to satisfy the Reiki Master Teacher that you can teach seminars in first and second level Reiki, to a standard that would be commensurate with the general standard found in The Reiki Network.
The Reiki Network feels that is it not sufficient to simply train a new Reiki Master to be able to initiate people to Reiki. An equally important aspect of the role of a Reiki Master is to be able to impart a good understanding and appreciation of Reiki. We therefore require that the student proves, to the Reiki Master Teacher conducting the training, an ability to convey such knowledge.
During the course of training, you will be asked to complete at least eight assignments, which are described in the training Manual and designed to equip you to teach Reiki. The assignments require you to present lectures covering all the material taught in the first and second levels of Reiki. The lectures can be presented in any oral form which is acceptable to the Reiki Master Teacher: this might be orally directly to the Master Teacher, recorded in an audio format, or video recordings.
Your Reiki Master Teacher will give you constructive feedback on each assignment, designed to develop and enhance your skills. You might also be required to repeat some of the assignments, until your Master Teacher is satisfied that you have reached the standard required by The Reiki Network.
However, there is a less tangible aspect to the training, which concerns your own personal growth. Most trainees experience dramatic shifts in their own consciousness and understanding as the process unfolds. Personal difficulties and issues tend to come up, as the powerful master level techniques become available to tackle them. All this is a core part of what it means to become a Reiki Master, The Reiki Network way.

The Reiki Master Teacher Stage

After two years or more of teaching Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses, inspiring students to continue to the Third Level, the Reiki Master may be ready to become a Reiki Master Teacher. The transition to Reiki Master Teacher is at the discretion of his/her Master Teacher; there are clear guidelines on what requirements have to be met.
As a Reiki Master Teacher, you are ready to train other people in all stages of the Third Level.
Although the Reiki training reaches its conclusion with the graduation to Reiki Master Teacher, this is by no means the end of the journey with Reiki. With master level techniques at your disposal, the limitless gift of Reiki can be explored to the full.